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BSA Troop165
16321 South Great Oaks Drive, Round Rock, TX 78681

All members can be emailed via their troop email: <firstname><lastname>

           Scoutmaster:  Blake McCabe      +1 (512) 669-0566.
Assist Scoutmaster:  Brad Mudgett        +1 (512) 981-7715
Assist Scoutmaster:  Ryan Lipscomb    +1 (512) 745-1140
Assist Scoutmaster:  Mark Kania           +1 (512) 809-7737  
Assist Scoutmaster:  Gary Rochelle
Assist Scoutmaster:  Mark Layne          +1 (512) 636-0999
Assist Scoutmaster:  Robert Page         +1 (512) 587-5288
Assist Scoutmaster:  Rusty Shepard     
Assist Scoutmaster:  David Mensing

   Committee Chair:   Brian Murray        +1 (512) 698-6390
          Activity Chair:  Sharon Barker                             
Advancement Chair: Hanna Kania        +1 (512)  947-1880
  Membership Chair:  Tim Westerman   +1 (512)  415-4419
               Treasurer:  Lisa Stubbe          +1 (512)  659-5530

For additional staff members and their information, see Directory

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